Taha Golkarzadeh Taha Golkarzadeh was born in Iran in 1986. From a very young age he knew he wanted to play Iranian rhythms. When he was 12, he studied the Daf (a traditional Iranian percussion instrument) under Bijan Kamkar. Taha's career as a performer began soon after. He established himself among Iran's top musicians.
Taha worked with 40 Daf Ensemble, Yasna Ensemble, Njazz Band, Kimiya Band and it was around this time that he started to teach the daf in many institutes like: Naghme music centre, Gol cultural and artistic institute.
He recorded his first professional solo album, 'Navaye Daf', in 2006. Taha has since given many concerts in Iran and overseas, in countries including Finland, Sweden and Azerbaijan. He played Iranian music at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 as a guest performer. In addition to the Daf, he plays the Tombak, Tar and Drums. His other main area is photography, which he took up in 2007 as a modelling, fashion and portrait photographer.

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